Multifactor Authentication (MFA) for Office 365 

Training Resources 

MFA Set Up Instructions

Follow enrollment instructions to enroll in Office 365 MFA.  

Step 2:  MFA Enrollment Instructions (video 2:38) 

Step 2: MFA Enrollment Instructions (pdf) 

Log in to your email (also Teams and Skype for Business if you use these apps) on Each device you commonly use. To use email on your cell phone, you will remove then read your email to your cell phone. (see instructions below for your device)

Step 3:  First Time Login Instructions (video 2:38)

Step 3: First Time Login Instructions (pdf) 

Watch common MFA Questions.

Step 4: Common Questions


If you receive a password error on any login (and you have double checked that you entered the right password).  Follow the instructions on how to create and use an App Password.

Step 5: Create an App Password


First Time Logins Continued (Sign out & Sign in)


Desktop Login Instructions

User Note: To keep outlook functioning properly on your mobile devices.  Remove the email account and then reset up account using MFA login.

iOS Devices

iOS Remove Email Instructions (log off)

iOS Set up Email Instructions (sign in)


Android Devices

 Android Removing Email Devices (video-0:32)

Android Outlook App (sign in)

Android Native App (sign in)


Teamssee instructions in 1st time Sign in Instructions

Skype for Business - see instructions in MFA 1st Time Sign in Instructions


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